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New Vision Logistics Co., Ltd (NVL)


New Vision Logistics Co., Ltd was established since 2010. We are a professional team with several years of experiences in the shipping line and logistics industry. We specialize in providing the highest standard quality in the logistics services. Your goal is our goal, and to ensure this, we offer a full array of global maritime services and always working towards customers satisfaction with efficiency. We do our best to be Your Trusted Partner. Furthermore, our wide experience will help you get cost-cutting opportunities, expand your business, and accomplish more success in the future.



New Vision Logistics adopt a strong working culture that allows the company to be cost-effective and thrive while staying flexible and highly responsive in working with clients in varied aspects, assuring top-notch logistic services at competitive price.



While we have built solid international expertise with global companies, our hands-on knowledge and strong sense of efficiency empower our customer with efficient solutions and practical scopes of work still leveraging the international best practices in logistics.


New Vision Logistics has built sound local insights and strong connections with local authorities of transportation and logistics, domestic business communities and experts working across industry sectors. This has enabled us to provide quality time-demanding services and huge value added.


New Vision Logistics focus on cost effectiveness for our customers. We provide a broad range of professional logistics services for your delivery needs. By offering high quality logistic services at competitive fees, we help our customers saving significant costs of operation.